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Life Insurance for Diabetics

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Life Insurance for Diabetics

If you have diabetes, you might be concerned about finding an affordable life insurance policy – without sacrificing benefits or coverage. There is good news! There are many options available for those with diabetes, and is designed to help you find those options quickly, easily, and without obligation. Buying life insurance when you have diabetes can be easier than you may have expected.

Some Points to Keep in Mind:

You can usually get excellent, more affordable rates if you respond well to treatment for your diabetes, if it’s kept under good control, and you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the factors life insurance providers may look at when you apply might include:

  • Your date of diagnosis
  • What your specific diagnosis is
  • How old you were when first diagnosed
  • The expected course of your condition
  • Your response to treatments
  • The degree to which your diabetes is controlled as illustrated by medical records, height/weight, and lab results

Getting the Best Rates on Life Insurance for Diabetics

In order to keep your life insurance rates even lower when you have diabetes, be sure that you are not a tobacco user, as this would increase your rates. Be sure to diet and exercise, and keep your condition under control with or without medication, if applicable. In addition, be sure that you don’t skip follow-up visits with your doctor.

How much coverage do you need?

Before you browse for life insurance quotes for diabetics, you’ll want to have an idea of how much coverage you’ll need. Decide whether you just want enough to cover funeral expenses only, or if you want to leave behind money to cover debts, to make up for your lost income, and the like. You may want to discuss this with your family, because the amount you need depends on many variable circumstances. can help you find the right coverage to suit your needs by filling out our brief quote questionnaire. See what your options are for life insurance for diabetics today.

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