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Life Insurance for Children

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Life Insurance for Children

While many debate whether or not buying life insurance for your children is worth it, there are a few strong cases for why it’s a good idea, not just for the extra peace of mind it can provide for you and your family, but also for your child’s financial future.

A Few Things to Consider:

Peace of Mind: No one wants to think about losing a child. That’s why it’s always best to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. In the tragic event of the untimely death of a child, a life insurance benefit can provide valuable financial support to help cover expensive funeral costs and medical bills, as well as valuable resources like family counseling and grief recovery.

Future Planning: Life insurance generally becomes more expensive the older one gets, which is why purchasing policy now can provide some serious financial relief for your children later on. If your child develops a medical problem early in life, he or she could have some trouble finding affordable coverage, or even qualifying for any coverage later on down the road. By purchasing a policy for your child now, you can help guarantee that he or she can have access to coverage as an adult.

What is The Best Type of Life Insurance for Parents?

You can insure your child by adding a rider to you and/or your spouse’s term life insurance policy, which allows you to extend some of your life insurance to other family members, including your children.

The other option is to look into a juvenile whole life policy. This type of coverage is sometimes preferable because it provides cash value accumulation over the long term with a predictable rate of return.

How much coverage do you need?

To really know what kind of coverage will suit you and your family best, it’s always advisable to shop around and compare different options from a variety of top life insurance companies.

One important thing to remember is to go into the process with a clear idea of how much money you will need in order to cover your necessary expenses. Each family has its own set of unique financial circumstances, and each company offers different variations and restrictions on the policies they provide. So the best thing you can do is have an accurate and complete picture of exactly what your specific needs are before purchasing a policy of any kind.

Since this sum depends on so many variable personal circumstances, it's best to talk it over with your family first. Then, once you have an idea in mind, can help you find the right coverage to suit your family's specific needs. Already done your research? Get started with a quote now by filling out the form above.

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